Humana Otc Catalog

Have you ever found yourself running low on humana otc catalog basics like pain relievers, vitamins, or first aid supplies? As a Humana member, you have access to an incredible resource – the humana otc catalog! This catalog is like your very own pharmacy storefront, allowing you to order all kinds of over-the-counter (OTC) items that can be shipped directly to your door.

What is the Humana OTC Catalog?

The humana otc catalog is a print and online store where Humana Medicare Advantage plan members can use their quarterly OTC allowance to order various health, wellness, and medical supplies. It’s run through CenterWell Pharmacy, Humana’s preferred mail-order pharmacy. Some key things to know about the humana otc catalog:

It’s updated quarterly, with the latest items and humana otc catalog 2023 available now.

You can shop online anytime at or request a free printed humana otc catalog pdf.

Browse products like vitamins, pain relievers, first aid supplies, dental care, and more eligible under your OTC benefit.

Place orders using your quarterly OTC allowance amount, up to $65 per quarter for most plans.

Orders ship directly to your door, no trips to the store needed!

The humana otc catalog is a super convenient one-stop shop to replenish your medicine cabinet without leaving home.

Humana Otc Catalog Items to Order

Now that you know the basics of the humana otc catalog, here are some of my favorite things to stock up on each quarter. I always make sure to have a supply of pain relievers, like ibuprofen and on hand. You can never have enough of those! During the winter months cough drops and cough syrup are essential for dealing with chest colds.

I also make sure to take my multivitamins to keep up with my nutrition needs. First aid supplies such as bandages, antibiotic ointment and anti itch cream always come in handy. When it comes to care, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash are crucial for maintaining hygiene.. Lets not forget aids like antacids, probiotics and laxatives. They’re lifesavers, for an upset stomach. I enjoy exploring products and keeping an eye out for deals to ensure I always have the essentials stocked up!

How to Access and Order from the Humana OTC Catalog

Ready to start browsing the latest humana otc catalog 2023 pdf yourself? Here are the simple steps:

Sign in to MyHumana to access your OTC allowance balance and order history.

Browse the online store at or request a free humana otc catalog pdf.

Add items that qualify to your shopping cart until you hit the $65 limit, for each quarter.

Proceed to checkout. The cost of your items will be subtracted from your remaining balance. Expect your order to be delivered within 10 14 business days through shipping saving you the hassle of visiting a store!

Alternatively you can place an order via phone, fax or mail by filling out a paper form if thats more convenient for you. It’s incredibly convenient to replenish your supplies from the comfort of your home.

Humana OTC Benefit Advantages

By now, you’re probably excited to browse the humana otc catalog 2023 and take advantage of this great member perk. Here are a few final tips for getting the most value:

Order early in each quarter before your $65 allowance resets so you don’t lose out on any funds.

Consider splitting large orders over multiple quarters if your needs are less than $65 each time

Use your full allowance even if just stocking up on a few regular items you know you’ll use.

Refer family and friends in your plan to the catalog so everyone can benefit.

I hope you enjoy exploring all the products available through the Humana OTC catalog. It’s become one of my favorite ways to stay stocked up on health essentials.

Walmart Humana Otc Catalog 2023

Did you know you can use your Humana OTC allowance to shop for eligible items at Walmart? While the humana otc catalog is a great one-stop shop, it’s also convenient to browse products in person if you happen to be at Walmart. Just present your Humana Spending Account Card to pay with your remaining OTC funds.

Walmart carries all the usual suspects like pain relievers, cold/flu medicine, first aid supplies, and more. It’s an easy way to maximize your humana otc catalog 2023 benefit while grocery shopping or picking up other needs. Always check what’s in season too – I’ve found great deals on allergy meds and cough drops near the pharmacy in springtime.

Centerwell Pharmacy Humana Otc Catalog

As we learned earlier, CenterWell Pharmacy is the source of the official humana otc catalog through which Humana members can order eligible OTC products using their quarterly allowance. Browsing the catalog online or printing a PDF is free, making it simple to peruse items at your leisure without leaving home.

CenterWell also offers special deals and promotions exclusively for Humana customers throughout the year. Browsing the centerwell pharmacy humana otc catalog is worthwhile to stay on top of sales and stock up on regular items. CenterWell makes the ordering and shipping process seamless too. It’s no wonder they’re Humana’s preferred partner for OTC needs.

Humana Otc Catalog 2024

The new year means it’s time for the updated humana otc catalog 2024! As a Humana member, you should have received information about the latest quarterly catalog in your plan materials or on MyHumana. Be sure to browse the humana otc catalog 2024 online or request a free PDF version from CenterWell Pharmacy. I’m always excited to see what new products have been added.

The catalog also provides a chance to re-stock up on winter essentials like cough and cold medicine, pain relievers, and sinus supplies before nasty seasonal bugs set in. Don’t forget to use up the last of your 2023 OTC allowance before it expires too. The humana otc catalog 2024 is full of everything you need to stay healthy all year long.

Humana Otc Catalog 2024 Cvs

In addition to shopping your Humana OTC allowance at Walmart, you can also use your Spending Account Card to purchase eligible items from the extensive over-the-counter selection at CVS. This is perfect if you need to pick up a prescription or other personal care essentials. Like Walmart, CVS carries all the usual suspects like pain relievers, first aid, dental care, and vitamins & supplements.

They also have a great international travel health section if you need travel-sized toiletry items or anti-diarrheal medication for an upcoming trip. Make sure to check CVS for promotions on certain categories too. I’ve saved extra by stocking up on cough drops or antacids when they’re on sale. It’s so handy to satisfy both pharmacy and OTC needs in one stop!

Humana Otc Catalog 2024 Spanish

If you or loved ones prefer Spanish resources, good news – the humana otc catalog 2024 is also available in Spanish! The humana otc catalog 2024 Spanish version, known as Catálogo de Artículos de Venta Libre, includes all the same great over-the-counter products that Humana members can order using their quarterly allowance.

This helps ensure all community members can equally benefit from the program. The Spanish catalog can be accessed online or a printed copy requested through CenterWell Pharmacy’s línea de ayuda hispanohablante. Knowing the humana otc catalog 2024 spanish is an option helps provide more inclusive care across cultures and languages. It’s one more way Humana is committed to serving all.

How Do I Order Over The Counter With Humana

Ordering over-the-counter items through your Humana health plan is simple! First, log in to MyHumana to check your available OTC allowance balance for the current quarter. Then, browse products in the humana otc catalog online at or request a free paper catalog.

Add eligible items to your cart until you’ve used up the $65 quarterly maximum. At checkout, your order total will be deducted automatically. You can also order by phone, fax or mail – just contact CenterWell for details. Your items will ship directly to you, usually within 10-14 days. No trips to the pharmacy required! It’s so convenient to stock up on vitamins, pain relief and more without leaving home. Don’t hesitate to call Humana or CenterWell if you need any help placing your first OTC order.

Does Humana Have A Otc Card

If your Humana health plan includes an Over-The-Counter (OTC) allowance benefit, you likely have an OTC Spending Account Card for easy access. This prepaid card works just like a debit card allowing you to purchase eligible OTC items at participating retailers like CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. Simply present your card and the items will be deducted from your available quarterly balance of up to $65.

The card eliminates out-of-pocket costs for OTCs and comes in handy if you need something on the fly versus ordering from the humana otc catalog. It’s a convenient perk many Humana members don’t realize they have. Be sure to activate your card online at or by calling the number on the back.

Humana Otc Catalog 2023 Cvs

In addition to ordering from the humana otc catalog 2023, don’t forget you can also use your Humana OTC allowance at CVS. Browsing products in-store is helpful if you need advice from a pharmacist or just want to see eligible items before purchasing.

CVS carries all the usual OTC suspects like pain relievers, cold/flu remedies, first aid, dental care and more. Plus, you may find better prices on sale items versus the catalog. Just present your OTC Spending Account Card to pay. Combining a CVS shopping trip with prescription refills or other needs maximizes your benefit. Be on the lookout for extrabucks rewards too – every little savings adds up!

Humana Otc Catalog 2023 With Pictures Free Printable

Want a sneak peek at items in the humana otc catalog 2023 before ordering? The free printable version is perfect for that. Not only does it include photos of products, it also has an order form making it simple to select items. I like to review the picture catalog while relaxing with coffee on weekends. Seeing the actual products versus just names helps me choose items I’ll truly use up.

The humana otc catalog 2023 with pictures also allow me to mix up my regular order for variety. I’ll often circle items I like then place the order online later for convenience. Requesting the free picture catalog is worthwhile before each quarterly order to get the most from your OTC benefit.

Humana Otc Catalog Pdf Free

As a Humana member, you can access the humana otc catalog PDF format free of charge. This electronic version contains the same great selection of over-the-counter products available for ordering using your quarterly allowance. Some key benefits of the humana otc catalog pdf include:

Easy browsing on any device like a laptop, tablet or phone. No need to wait for a printed copy.

Full color photos and detailed descriptions of hundreds of items for pain relief, cold/flu, dental, vitamins and more.

Clickable links take you directly to product pages for more info before adding to your cart.

Ability to search or bookmark favorite pages for quick reference later.

Environmentally friendly paperless option.

To download the PDF, simply visit and sign into your account. It’s a handy way to peruse options anytime, anywhere.

Humana Otc Catalog 2024 With Pictures Usa Printable Pdf

The upcoming humana otc catalog 2024 will be available soon, and this time CenterWell Pharmacy is offering an enhanced printable PDF version for U.S. members. In addition to all the same great features as previous years, this updated file includes full color photos of each item, detailed nutritional info for supplements, and an improved search function.

The enhanced PDF allows easier shopping no matter your needs. Are you looking to boost your immunity? Search vitamins C or D. Need relief from headaches? Search pain relievers. This improved printable resource makes getting the most from your Humana OTC benefit even more simple and convenient. Be sure to request your humana otc catalog 2024 with pictures usa printable pdf copy early!

Final Thought

The humana otc catalog is truly a one-stop shop for all your over-the-counter medication and health supply needs as a Humana member. With convenient ordering through CenterWell Pharmacy and use of the OTC Spending Account Card at retailers nationwide, it’s easy to take advantage of this valuable benefit.

Whether browsing the extensive product selection online or in the colorful printable PDF, the humana otc catalog makes replenishing regular items a breeze. Best of all, you can feel good knowing your quarterly OTC allowance is helping you and your family stay healthy all year long. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions – Humana customer service is always here to help you maximize your health plan benefits.

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